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The Doggy Position

12:19 AM
By Mushamir Mustafa

Seeking for answers, one night I struck a conversation with the guards about the position of the university and what they are doing to contain the problem of the dogs. And this is my report. When I first arrived at our university – I saw dogs, and I thought; “Oh I see, the guards and the university staff keeps dogs as pets on campus and that’s normal”.

This was reinforced by people’s attitudes because everyone else didn’t give much thought to the dogs. But, why do I see dozens running around campus, the halls, and the Sir Colin Campbell patio tables for leftover food after midnight?

These dogs are in truth, wild, because to own one you would need a license. Secondly, I don’t see any frantic owner calling their dogs back home. The dogs have been here since the beginning of UNMC as far as the guards can remember. They would usually enter through the fence even though it has been reinforced and height-adjusted; they will still find ways such as through open sewages.

Currently, the numbers of wild dogs could not be estimated – but during mating season the smell would be noticeable – especially when the female is present.

I asked if any action have been taken against the dogs, and yes, shooting was the answer. But to do so it had to be done on open spaces. The deceased dogs are then replaced by newborns. The guards don’t know where they all come from, but they theorize that the owners were Indians from some near settlement. Numerous shootings have occurred for a long time, but there was no visible difference and has long been discontinued. The wild dogs are shot outside in the open fields away from UNMC, to minimize the risk of injuring someone on campus, of course.

Has these dogs bitten anyone? Yes. These are not rabid dogs, however there were such cases where a man started running from a pack of dogs and dogs being funny animals, started running with him. The secret is – do not start running away from them. But the limitation is the students – apparently some of them didn’t allow these to happen. However, the question arises – the wellbeing of the students and the halls plus the university’s image or animals rights?

Furthermore, some actually feed the dog and this is not advisable. They would also scavenge for leftover food in the rubbish bins placed outside on-campus doors or the leftovers at Colin Building, becoming mini canteens for these wild dogs. Its fine that bin is placed outside of our rooms – just the food we dump in them isn’t. Some solutions include making the fence smaller – to no effect since the problem originated outside. Shooing them away is just a short-term solution.

Halls have also been secured with doors on each wing covered in wire and the posted signs remind people to keep the hall doors shut at all times. Due to the diversity of the student population, even the SPCA was discouraged to take action including catching due to some of their “concern’s on animals’ rights”.

The ‘main’ entrance for these dogs would be behind the sports complex near the nursery and the place where they live, according to the guards, is underneath the library and behind the Yellow building.

An OPINION to solve the problems was this: Make some poisoned Ramli burgers and drop it off where the dogs would hang out.
I thought to myself “Perhaps we could do this without telling the students” (this was my opinion).

If you feel there is anything important to report, please contact the Security Officer. But I believe that ultimately, it is the Management’s decision on how best to solve this problem, in whichever way will work best.
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One-Word Descriptions for KTM

7:16 PM
by owl order

To describe...

The station floors
- spotty (click to see why!)

The employees' uniform
- blue
Nice try, but wearing uniform of my favourite colour isn't gonna make me like KTM any better.

The tracks
- uneven

The engines
- loud

The speed
- slow

Interval between trains
- you-know-how-short

Recorded announcements
- annoying
You know the announcement asking us to "stand behind the yellow line", "take care of our belongings" and stuff? It was bloody recorded and if the employees are bored, they'll just play it over and over again, non-stop.

The lines on the platforms
- colourful
Yellow, Green, Red and Blue, to be exact.

The location of the stations
- isolated
Some stations are almost literally in the middle of nowhere!

The (paper) tickets
- 80s. Not 1980. 1880s.

Touch 'n Go implementation
- cheater!
TnG once cheated me of some RM20 for one journey! Since then I don't use TnG anymore. Don't worry, the TnG implementations of the other transits are safe to use.

Trains' air-conditioning
- steaming

Trains' seats
- small
It is always amusing, seeing those big, beefy, muscular men, trying to squeeze into one seat.

The Train floors
- wet
Especially when it's raining. Plus with the uneven condition of the tracks, the water will flow here and there and everywhere.

The people riding the trains
- uncivilised
My definition of being uncivilised is the inability to think for others.

The service
- un-bypass-able
However grumpy I may be, I can't do without it. Oh well.
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Goodbye Edusquare

7:13 PM
by owl order

Nine months ago, I checked in to TTS5/2 (AKA Edusquare). I got a nice corner room upstairs, which is a bit hot in the evening (when the sun shone in directly through the windows), but it has a nice view at any time of the day. The roof downstairs extended just directly below my window, and I immediately dreamt of crawling out of the window, lying there on the roof at night, staring at the stars. I would soon realise the stupidity of this idea - the guardhouse was just barely 6 metres away, and I hate to think what they would do if they see me climbing through my window in the middle of the night.

My room, September 2008.

The room seemed perfect to me and I found myself loving the place more than I expected. Maybe because it marks the turning point of my life - entering university. Maybe because I enjoyed the company of 13 housemates who are so different from my KTAR ones. Or maybe it's just because I spent 6 days a week there for the past year.

I take the stairs so oftenly I couldn't even count the number of times I use it in a day. I even noticed that there are an odd number of stairs (19, I think), so I always step on the bottom most one before taking them two at the time, so my final step would land on the top floor.

Soon, the place became more homely than I could ever call my house in Klang.

Upstairs, September 2008.

For the past 9 months, I did many things in my little room. I clogged up my toilet boil. Not once, but twice.

That little room was where I did the three things I never thought I'd do.

I even witnessed the walls surrounding the house grow by more than a foot some time ago.

The conference table where the few of us sat and discussed serious matters, like why Char Siew Pau cried in the movies but Man Tou didn't.

Time passed by, and things must change. Some noticeable changes of the house include the amount of notices that accumulated over the months.

Click on the image for a bigger shot.

Light bulbs popped. By the time I finished my second exam, all but three light bulbs of the common area upstairs were broken.

Of the many ornaments we already had (our house was used as a showhouse before we shifted in), we still managed to get one more.

The Chinese Calligraphy writing in the living room, written by me some two or three months ago. Missed focus here (got the couch instead!), but I still thought this picture looked a bit modernistic.

I wrote the four words for my dreaded subject Malaysian Studies some two or three months ago as part of a group assignment. It isn't my best work, but it definitely is one of my favourites because of the unforgettable experience of producing it.

As time went by, my room got messier.

My room, 15th June 2009.

But other than these things, many others stay the same.

We took care of the house well. Our place was simply one of the cleanest (male) houses in Edusquare.

How bad can the other houses be? Well, let's just say my friends are surprised we still have both of our TV sets - theirs were stolen long time ago. We don't use the TV though. Reception was poor, and I tried to hook it up to my laptop with no success.

The living room upstairs, September 2008.

The living room upstairs, 15th June 2009.

Anyhow, sooner or later, we'll have to go. The truth of having to leave never really set in until the accommodation office called me last Friday to arrange for a checkout appointment.

Suddenly I realised that I had to say goodbye to my room. Suddenly I realised that the house would be nothing but memory to me in a few days' time. Suddenly I realised how much I've bonded with my room.

My bed and my stuff beside it.

Being the type of guy who doesn't get touched by movies, I didn't expect myself to gave in to my emotions so easily. I took my time packing up my things on Monday, hoping to delay my goodbyes.

There was the colourful curtains, which served so well as the backdrop of so many of my photos, the most notable one being my Facebook profile picture.

My table - the curtains posed for the photo before our goodbyes.

That night, I brushed my teeth and was off to bed for my last night in Edusquare. After switching off the lights, I noticed the cloudless night sky outside, filled with twinkling stars.

I toughened myself up and crawled out of the window. It felt smaller than I anticipated. I laid my feet on the cold porcelain roof tiles, made sure they're strong enough to support my weight, and lied down.

It wasn't as good as I imagined.

The streetlights were too bright, and I couldn't see the stars as clearly as I hoped. The roof tiles were hard and uncomfortable. The occasional appearances of traffic were noisy and annoying.

Few minutes later I crawled back in and went to bed.

The next day, I had everything packed away and looked around my room.

That's everything I had in my old room.

The room was irrecognisable. Blank, still, quiet and cold.

And it looked exactly the same when I checked in 9 months ago. Everything was gone. Evaporated. The soul. The liveliness. Everything. It's like your best friend had an amnesia or something.

Nevertheless, when I carried the last of my bags out of my room, I couldn't help but stole one last look of my room.

I'm not going to forget this last peek of my room so soon. Coincidentally, this shot turns out to be my favourite among the pictures of my room. Ex-room.

I heaved a heavy sigh, and moved on. That last peek of my room I'm certainly not going to forget so soon.

Goodbye, Edusquare. May the next batch of occupants take good care of you.
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Post Examination Trip

5:34 PM

Went to Tenji for lunch the day after my final paper, which is last Thursday. It was my first visit there. I was quite excited because I haven't even been any Japanese food buffet before because I like Jap food. They had some promotion for lunch and supper so we paid like RM46 per person including tax.

Errr Brian gayness...

The people at Tenji

Didn't get to take much photos there. apaprantly I heard that they disallow people photographing the food or something, Anyways, was too hungry and busy filling my stomach to be bothered to take much photos lol

Eli and I had to leave Tenji early as we had a 3pm bus to catch at KL Sentral to Genting. Met up with the rest who's taking the bus there as well and we were all late and had to change the bus tickets and took the 330pm bus instead.

The people who went.

It rained at Genting that day and thus it was chilly and foggy up there. We barely see anything on our cable ride to the top.

We met up with See Tho and Iu Tjun, who had checked into the hotel room for us already. Hafriz and See Tho missed other so much that they couldn't resist any longer and started gaying each other.

*Resisting the need to puke* Okay, moving on. After we left our bags and ahving enough with the gay couple, we set off to the shopping complex and just simply walk around and did nothing. Did play arcade for a while though, which I haven't for a very long time.

Andrew and See Tho reliving their childhood days.

At night, we did what we intended to do during this trip: drinking. It was kinda like a belated birthday celebration for Jieqiang and I. Special thanks to Hafriz for buying all those drinks =) Hafriz and Andrew are the only ones who got drunk. I wanted get drunk for the first time in my life and I got sick instead =.= Eli and I had Burger King for dinner an hour before the drinking session thanks to Tenji during the afternoon. I think it was the indigestion that made me sick. Shucks man =.=

Bunch of high dudes doing thier thing.

View while leaving for camera.

We had to take the bus to Gombak LRT station as we didn't wanna wait 2 hours for the bus to KL Sentral. Guess what? It was Hafriz's first time taking ANY public transport. Seriously swt man =.=

Hafriz's opening ceremony.

Hafriz saying hello and showing his appreciation to everyone.

Collection of laughter shots I took in Genting.

Eh? Pui Yeen seems to be missing wor. Coudlnt get any photos of her laughing. Think she didn't alugh during the whole trip LOL Just joking haha Nah "Ah Sam"(auntie/mak cik), give you special photo.

I like this portrait. Shall try more of this next time.

Wanna eat some ass, anyone? Saw this at Mid Valley's KTM station lol

Ok, gotta go Standout party now. Shit loh late edi =.=

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A Game of Dodgeball in Notingham

5:31 PM

After her final paper on the 21st of May, Carol suggested that we have a game of dodge ball after all the Mechanical Engineering students are done with their final paper on the 27th. It did happened and many turned up for the game despite a missing few.

We played at the badminton court. Carol and Pei Yi borrowed the balls from Bryan Lee and set up the court before everyone arrives. Didn't use the proper dodgeballs but used plastic balls wrapped in tapes instead to make it heavier. LOL

We randomly chose sides of between four to six a side and we all took turns. There were no clear objectives but it was played just for the sake of whooping another person's ass.

Looked like I'm doing jumping smash lol Kudos to whoever who took this shot =)

Hustling and scrambling to reach the ball at the start of the game.

This was the match where only Julius, Brian and Zad going against five opponents. Someone suggested this challenge because the three of them were good at it. Julius was once left oneman standing and won against the opposing team with four more members left!! Many tried against the three and the three won all of them O.O"" Super gay...

Taking off.

I noticed that shot with me inside were better than the shots I've taken =.= He/she managed to capture some nice actions around while I didn't. I suspect it was Carol who tooked the shot but if I'm wrong, please let me know =) Seriously, I think my photography skills are deteriorating lately although it's not like it was good to begin with. Must use my remaining holiday to learn photography properly.

It was a fun activity to do. I was very emo after my final paper hours prior to the game and needed something like this to release my stress. Again, I did't have the mood to hold on long on my camera and I just wanted to play and hence the lack of pictures.

Tired and chilling after the game.

I wonder if we can have another dodgeball game again. Even if we try making one,, I doubt that many people will turn up. Graduating is sad =(

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Cleanliness of SA Cafe V2

1:07 AM
by idiassah

Please take a look at the picture below.. Who will take the responsibility?? Please comment it...

Scenario 1

There are dirty container in front of the counter

Scenario 2

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Classified Mail

8:38 PM
Item For Sales
Hi, i'm leaving Malaysia Campus soon, so there's stuff i wanna let go off.

Item 1: Fuji Xerox 203A b/w lazer printer

Condition: Fully working, no dent or scratch wat so ever, but not like anyone would care!
Purchased date: august 07
Usage: less than 10 times usage. printed less than 200 pages. one carton of ink could print
2000 pages (10% used)
Price: Rm 80
Evaluation of value: Rm 0.04 per page printed. Printing service at Tiscra cost Rm 0.07 per page.
You do the math. (basically the printer is free!)

I'm guessing that this printer would sell out really fast, so get in contact with me as soon as you decide.

Item 2: two pairs of 5 kg dumbbells. (2 x ( 2 x 5kg))

Condition: normal wear n tear, nothing important, we just need the weight right? (plastic-coated)
Usage: Less than a year
Price: Rm 30 per pair.
Evaluation of value: instead of grabbing the rusted dumbbells in the sports complex with tonnes of other
sweating, huge sized guys, you could work out in your room, while watching series, why not ?

Item 3: Ikea study lamp
Condition: working perfectly, classy white look, good for students who studies. clearly not me. or maybe
for my reason, to pimp my room!
Usage: Err.. ashamed to say this, but less than 5 times.
Purchased date: cant really remember, around oct 07
Price: Rm 25

Item 4: Apple wireless mighty mouse
Condition: working flawlessly, no scratch watsoever.
Usage: used less than 3 times, bought it cos it looked cool. Really cool.
Price: Rm 180

Item 5: Ikea Lamp
Condition: perfect
Usage: less than 3 times? i bought them for their look, not functionality. i know..
Price: Rm 20
Evaluation of value: Give a nice calming environment to your room, priceless.

Contact method: Sms me at 012 853 1396 or 016 874 3632
email : kedy7yct , or


LAPTOP FOR SALE - Acer Aspire 7720

VDU - 17" bright view screen [Integrated Webcam]
Processor - Intel core 2 duo t7300 2GHz
OS - Windows Vista home premium
VGA - Radeon ATI VGA 512 mb
HDD - 160GB hard disk

*WIFI & Bluetooth

--> Price - RM 1400 [Negotiable]

OWA - keey7drd
Mobile - 0172473442.



Compaq Presario V5332
Intel Core Duo Processor T2050 1.6GHz each
14" Screen
OS- XP service pack2
60GB HardDiskDrive

Bought in 0ct2006. In good working condition.
RM1000 negotiable.
Contact ecy61dej or 017-3573658



We're leaving out home in TTS, so we've got some furniture if anyone's interested.

Single Spring Mattress RM150
Wooden Table 2.5x4.5ft RM100
Rotating Chair RM50
Total RM300 (free canvas cupboard)
Contact Dishan at 017-2473442

Queen Size Mattress RM200
Wooden Table with 6 drawers (3 each side) 150x70cm RM150
Towel rack and laundry basket free!
Contact Krishanth at 013-3186159

Steel bed and mattress RM100
Wooden Study table and rotating chair RM150
Wooden Wardrobe, Dressing Table, and Bedside Table RM250
Contact Akila at 016-2793314

Single Wooden Bed RM200
Single Spring Mattress RM175
Large Wooden Table with 3 drawers RM90
Bedside Table RM10
Bookshelf 5ft tall RM15
Bookshelf 3ft Tall RM12
Contact Damith at 014-2364456

Belkin Wireless Router RM200
Medium size couch RM150
Large carpet with cushions RM100
Negotiable if bulk purchase.
Contact David at 017-3573658

If you can't get through to one of us, call any of the others!



MiniBar for Sale - Rm 200 (Negotiable)

Fujitech MiniBar (Black with a Silver door) for immediate sale.

About 2 years old. Net capacity: 60 litres.

Please Contact: 017-3781395 or

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Classified Mail

7:00 AM
“I lost my Levi’s glasses at the area behind of the cafeteria on this Thursday!” It was around 4 a.m. It is a brown thick frame with yellow stripes in which the words Levi’s are written at the side of it. This spectacle is very important to me, because without them, my vision is poor and I will encounter difficulties during the exam. If there is anyone who saw or found this Levi’s spectacle, please kindly inform and return it to me.

Your cooperation is highly appreciated and a reward of RM50 is rewarded.

Email address:
Contact Number: 012-7736238


i would like to sell my 14' inch tv for RM100. And they can contact me through my
email which is : or
contact me at : 012-3242813
if they are interested.


House for rent:
No.16, TTS 5
-4th house from TTS bridge
-walking distance to Uni
-house partially furnished
-maxis broadband available

Saarvin ( 017-2587800
Dinesh ( 012-9856835


I am selling my car for which the details are as under:

Perodua Kencil (1997)
ONLY - 58,500 KMS done.
Red Colour, Mannual Transmission, 660 cc

I am the second owner, all documents are complete. The car is in complete genuine condition.

For further details call Saad: 019-3715909 or email"

edit : contacted and asking for Rm7000 (negotiable)
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Top Malaysian Film Stars in one of the World's Top Leading University, UNMC

12:56 PM
Written by Wahieda Bahtiar
Pictures by Dini Nur Farhana & Zafirah Zakaria

It has been 5 days since the film crew camping in our campus. I've interviewed some of the actors and actresses whom are Raja Farah, Lisa Surihani and Zoey . According to them, this film was stammed from a famous novel entitled 'Lagenda Budak Setan' by one of the popular Malaysian novelist, Ahadiat Akasyah.

The film was shot in the Nottingham University for about 6 days until this Saturday. I've been informed that after the crew finished their shooting here, the crew will continue their filming at the next location which is the legendary island in northern part of peninsular Malaysia, Langkawi Island for another two weeks.

So guys, lets wait patiently for the movie to be finished filming before it is on the screen of the cinema. And don’t forget to watch it in the nearest cinema early next year.

Additional information about the film

Title : Romance (working title. maybe it will be change after the editing process)
General synopsis : It is a film about naughty boys during their teenage life.
Genre : Romance (I think..)
Director : Sharad Sharan
Starring : Farid Kamil, Nubhan AF, Zoey, Que Haidar, Nabil (new comer), Lisa Surihani, Raja Farah, Rozita Che Wan etc
Important info : 2nd debut (if I’m not mistaken) of UNIM to the entertainment world

The Director

One of the cameraman

Actor : Que Haidar

Actor : Farid Kamil ( the one in braids )

The head cameraman checking the view

Shooting at Tioman's carpark

Actresses;Left : Lisa Surihani, Right : Raja Farah

Actor : Zoey @ Mohd Hairey Azhar

Actor : Nubhan AF(Akademi Fantasia)
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