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Cleanliness of SA Cafe V2

by idiassah

Please take a look at the picture below.. Who will take the responsibility?? Please comment it...

Scenario 1

There are dirty container in front of the counter

Scenario 2


flies flies flies

ah haha! i recently caught a picture of a fly paper (in the western food corner) FULL of flies. it was utterly disgusting.

think fear factor second stunt disgusting. oh wait, they eat durian for that stage. i think it's like 100 times worse than fear factor second stunt.

but then again, writing about it here may not be that useful at all. why not send the pictures to the authorities?

i recently caught a DOG eaten gracefully straight from one of the plates at the SA circle!!!!

Wow.. Who's the terrible ogre who's eaten that poor dog in the SA Circle???

not only dirty!

the staffs in the Malay store is unfriendly and the food is expensive and the taste sucks!!!

where is the Malay Mix Rice store?!? cheap and good.... T.T....

don't complain so much!!!

i shared my tioman hall dining room with a dog.

how sweet of u

lucky u don't have HeXie here..

SA cafeteria has the best atmosphere that i had ever seen...Especially the extraordinary perfume from the bbq stall~ My cloth jz smell so "tasty" after eating in the cafeteria.....

got car?or bike?eat outside la...haha
got many malaysian food spot at semenyih...or beranang...

i am regular visitor of your site and you are writing very nice so keep posting university admission

nice posting thanks for sharing

Looking for a straight answer: Overall, is the food at the SA building worth it?

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