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One-Word Descriptions for KTM

by owl order

To describe...

The station floors
- spotty (click to see why!)

The employees' uniform
- blue
Nice try, but wearing uniform of my favourite colour isn't gonna make me like KTM any better.

The tracks
- uneven

The engines
- loud

The speed
- slow

Interval between trains
- you-know-how-short

Recorded announcements
- annoying
You know the announcement asking us to "stand behind the yellow line", "take care of our belongings" and stuff? It was bloody recorded and if the employees are bored, they'll just play it over and over again, non-stop.

The lines on the platforms
- colourful
Yellow, Green, Red and Blue, to be exact.

The location of the stations
- isolated
Some stations are almost literally in the middle of nowhere!

The (paper) tickets
- 80s. Not 1980. 1880s.

Touch 'n Go implementation
- cheater!
TnG once cheated me of some RM20 for one journey! Since then I don't use TnG anymore. Don't worry, the TnG implementations of the other transits are safe to use.

Trains' air-conditioning
- steaming

Trains' seats
- small
It is always amusing, seeing those big, beefy, muscular men, trying to squeeze into one seat.

The Train floors
- wet
Especially when it's raining. Plus with the uneven condition of the tracks, the water will flow here and there and everywhere.

The people riding the trains
- uncivilised
My definition of being uncivilised is the inability to think for others.

The service
- un-bypass-able
However grumpy I may be, I can't do without it. Oh well.

I lost RM20 as well. After my TnG couldn't register at the MV station after I got on the train at Kajang. Then it actually took months before i could somehow use it again and discovered RM20 was gone. (I've just reloaded it prior to the sad event)


so i'm not the only one! see? there's proof of the con of KTM!

anyway i only use TnG when i run out of cash or when i'm taking the LRT now. as a microcontroller programmer, i have to say the TnG implementation of KTM ticket barriers suck!

maybe is just low class system used by Malaysia....

don't expect much from them....

It's still a cheap and traffic-free form of travelling.

So unless you have the luxury of hiring a taxi.. i suppose you'll have to live with the Malaysia situation.

Oh by the way, I heard from a friend that there's you can check your TnG funds online, and make a claim in the event of discrepancies.

yeah i had an online TnG account. but i didn't login for one year, and they suspended my account. when i tried to login (which is actually just few weeks after the suspension), they're asking me to write in a letter for reactivation. the easiest and quickest way of getting a new account seems like getting a new TnG card.

haish. not worth the trouble. i won't login for another year again anyway haha.

The searing arrangement for the Port Klang line is horrendous. Masses of ppl cram near the door while the ppl in the middle have perpendicular seats that are arranged between doors, consuming unnecessary space.

The fact that there are different train line companies already proves the failure of a proper public transport system.


actually i think there are 3 different seating configurations for all lines. one extra problem is that malaysia uses the metre gauge instead of the standard one. which means the two steel tracks are just 1m apart instead of 1.4m. that's why malaysian trains have lower capacity - they're narrower.

one of the LRT uses the standard gauge tho, the ampang line. you can see the capacity is much higher.

agree with you owl_order...

I totally agree.

I know some ppl can always say that AT LEAST there's KTM. Well, you use KTM many times and see if you still can stand it.

But really, the quality should be improved.
And worse, my handphone was stolen in the KTM.
That's how fucked up KTM is.

There are too many pickpockets wandering in the KTM. It's heaven for pickpockets.
Can't the goverment do anything about this? They can.
The question is, do they even bother and care? A BIG NO.

well lots of memory in the KTM commute every day during my first year from kajang to KL central. Delay, stuck between station, no power, hot, packed, jammed you name it..i've experience it... well the few yrs i just rent a car and drive to campus... but now that i have graduated... kinda miss that old KTM hahaha.... cherss..!!

ktm suck balls

What is KTM? Anyone willing to explain? Ahik!

KTM is the only transport that can promote the harmonius life and love between different races....As u can see...different races of people can just stand together, squeeze and hug to each other without any "complain"...(especially during peek hours)
i think this is the only purpose why malaysia still haven improve it until now........

even i don't know the meaning lol

KTM. Speechless. Just imagine 30 minutes drives to KL took you 2 hours + if you take KTM.

My hp was stolen in KTM. The pickpocket in Malaysia is just different standard.

If there is one thing that I was ashamed of my country, its the KTM.

Why nobody is talking about the recent issue? Where are those big mouths? Scared of your degree?

Surely its not as bad as the UK's rail network with its leaves on the line, wrong kind of snow etc??

every year the government gave money to them for upgrading.but nothing change....where the money goes??


Damn, and I thought I was the only one getting ripped off by TnG.I was charged rm20 for a ride too.and the sad thing was I had JUST topped up the card. -_-

Come on UNMC, be bold and provide buses to KL Sentral! I'm sure students AND staffs wouldn't mind paying a bit for the service. KTM is just NOT good enough.

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