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So You Think You Can Do A Better Job?!

7:12 PM
Who among these dedicated group of people, will be :

On 31st March 2009, we dispatched our team of reporters to cover about the SA officers elections that's
been going on about 2 weeks already.

Today marks the last day of the election, which majority of the students could be seen voting on the booth near the SA Building entrance.

To hear some opinions about the election, our reporters interviewed some of the students.

This is what they
had in mind :

Respondent #1 : Umesi

Us : Okay.First of all, what's your name man?
Umesi (M) : Umesi. I'm in mechanical engineering Year 2.

Us : So are there any of your friends in the election?
M : Yes there are. In fact, all of them are my friends.

Us : I see.So, are you just gonna vote your friend cause, they are your friend?

M : I don't think so. Well, since most of them are my friends, I am voting my friends. But I do not vote them out of our friendship, but the qualities that I had observed in every each of them.

Us : Good answer. Ok, next, do you think that popularity is an important factor in winning the election?

M : It depends on WHAT THEIR POPULARITY IS BASED ON. Some of them are popular because of their leadership, some 'cause of their athleticity and sportsmanship and others.

Us : Nicely said. OK man, thanks a lot for your time.

M : No problem. See you guys again.

Respondent #2 : John

Us : Hey man, how are you?*shakes hand*Are you busy?We wanna interview you for our blog, about current events around the campus. Is it OK?

John (J) : Good.Well, since I'm not quite busy yet, ok go ahead.

Us: Thanks. So first of all, may we know your name?

J: I'm John. Nice to meet you.

Us: Nice to meet you too. So John, what's exactly your job here, since you're sitting at the voting area?

J: Well, I'm one of the officers who's in charge of registering students before they vote.

Us : I see. Does the voting session gets hectic handling all of the students?
J : Yes it does. But compared to last year, it's more manageable since we're using a computerised system to register the students.

Us : Next, when is it the peak time of the voting session?
J: Usually the lunch time period, around 1-2 pm.

Us : OK. John, last question. What are your message/hopes for the candidates of the election?
J: For the candidates, I wish them all the best. When you guys got elected, do your best in fulfilling your duties.

Us : Thanks a lot John for your words. Your really appreciate your time.
J: OK. Uh hey, did you vote already?
At the registering counter, before proceeding to the voting counter.

Respondent #3 : Sulaiman

Us : Hey dude, wait up. What's the rush?

Sulaiman (S): Nothin', just hurrying to the cafe so I don' t have to line up a long line.

Us : Could we ask you 2 simple questions? It won't even take you 2 minutes.

S: 2 minutes?OK man, hit me.

Us: Among all of the candidates, which two has the most potentials to be officers?

S: Two, huh?Hmm,..I'd say Chillie for Sports and Michelle for Diversity.

Us : Why them?

S: I saw Chillie often at the Sports Complex. He's the kind of a person who'd so anything for sports. He'd make a good Sports Officer. As for Michelle, I saw her often too. She hangs out with different groups of people every time I saw her, so it kinda left me an impression that she's very "diverse".

Us : OK man, so that's all we wanted to know. Thanks a lot and enjoy your lunch.

S: Sure.

Respondent #4 : Miss Anonymous

*She asked us to conceal her identity*

Us : Hi miss! Are you free right now? Cause we'd like you to answer 2 really simple questions.
A: *Looks at her friend* Um..ok.

Us : OK, first, what's your name?
A : *beep*

Us : In your opinion, choose two candidates who you think has the highest chance to get elected?
A : Two?um..can I choose only 1?

Us : Sure.
A : I'd choose Chillie.

Us : The reason?
A : I saw him numerous of times, and he's kinda active in sports.

Us : That's really relevant. Thank you Miss A, for your time.
A : OK.

Respondent #5 : Rasheed (left) & Ken (right)

Us : Hey Rasheed, what up?
Rasheed (R): Good. What're you guys doin'?

Us : Glad you asked. we're interviewing people about the election. Can you answer some Q's for us? Just 2 simple ones.
R : Alright.

Us : So which two, of all the faces on this election posters, you think would be the next SA officers?
R : Tom and Chillie.

Us : Can you tell us why?
R : I'm not sure, because they're famous I guess. Plus, they have supportive friends.

Us : I see. OK then, thanks a lot guys for being such a good sport.
R : Aight.
Ken : See ya guys later.

Respondent #6 : Taha

Us : Hey Taha, could you help us out a little bit?Could you answer 2 questions for us?
Taha (T): I guess I could help you out for a while.

Us : Cool. Who'd you think that's gonna win the election? Just your rough opinion, and choose two.
T: Two?Er..OK. Let's see..Shereen...and Afzal.

Us : Sharshad KK for Welfare and Afzal for Treasurer? May we know why?
T: Simple. Michelle's popular. and Afzal's my friend.

Us : Alright man. That's all. Thank's a mil!
T : No need man. That's what friends are for.

Respondent#7 : Cherry

Us : Hi miss. Could you answer 2 simple questions about the election?
Cherry (C): Questions? What're you guys writing?

Us : We're doing a blog, which documents all the happenings and events around the campus. And we need some feed backs from the crowd about them.
C: I see.Okay.

Us : Thanks. So first question. Could you pick two candidates of the election that you think, would make great officers.
C: Pick two? Isn't that goona be biased?

Us : Um, no? Because it's only your idea, not the person you vote.
C: Really? Can I pick all of them?

Us : All of them?*swt*Er..sure.Why not.And may I know why?
C: Because I think everybody deserves it, since they have courage to go up to the public and improve the campus for the student's sake.

Us : Well said. Thanks a lot Cherry.
C: Kay.

Cherry being interviewed by one of our reporter.

And there you have it folks, a little spice and salt about the elections from your fellow students. For all the election's candidates, we would like to wish you ALL THE BEST and MAY THE BEST PERSON WINS.

Check your owa1 emails for the further notice about the election!

Have a nice day and thank you for reading.

Yours truly,

Our reporter interviewing Umesi about the election

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Are you here to weld, or to milk cows?

12:13 AM

BEng Mechanical Engineering, Year One 08/09

Around December 2008, we went to CIAST in Shah Alam ( near Subang Jaya ) for our practical in arc welding.

On that morning, we waited about 2 hours+ for the bus to leave the campus.We were held back that freaking of a long period because of an UNMC workshop staff whom we call "Brother Pendek" or in Malay,literally means short dude. ( Brother Pendek, if you are reading this, please don't chase us after this LOL )
Imagine that he was so LATE, we even had time to hit the pool table, eat breakfast and even dump some bombs!

So we arrived at the training center, had a short briefing, ate some free breakfast (again!), and started our training. So while my group were finishing our project for that day, there's this one guy who's just...I dunno what to say about him, went cuckoo, I guess, from the idiotic heat of the stupid welding place ( mind you, that it was so hot, and I was wearing a lab coat and a bulky welding uniform) which you should see for yourself. BELOW :

Yeah. That freaky guy came to us and said "Milk,anyone?"
(role-playing as a, uh, milk-man?I guess?)

That's all I want to share with everybody.Practicals could be fun with guys like him around, I guess.LOL

annonymous, BEng Mechanical Engineering Year One 08/09

by annonymous
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Election Time

7:26 PM
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F1 Grand Prix Round the Corner

7:14 PM

2009 F1 Petronas Malaysian Grand Prix is back again and we, Sports Complex is offering entries for this event with a best package. We are providing the entries and transportation for you for only RM30.00!! All you have to do is just send email with your full name and id card number to but remember, we have only limited 80 entries here. So please reserve your place NOW.


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Email from Sa secretary::hahaha::

4:48 PM


Just a little reminder that today Earth Hour will be celebrated and you can do your part in helping to save the environment by switching your lights in your room from 8.30 till 9.30 pm.

Please be informed the SA upstairs will have its lights switched off. This is in collaboration with UNMC Nature Club who will be screening 'An Inconvenient Truth' at the SA ground floor during that hour.

So let us all go green at the SA from 8.30 to 9.30pm!

For more information, visit this link
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Iridescent Moments

11:51 AM

Sounded almost the same,
In a card it came,
A promise was made,
not a mere facade,
time was granted,
and questions answered.....

Never Waning,
Never fading,
Sincere and ever wiling....

There was only ever one,
absolutely replaceable by none,
All feel short by the block,
when the breeze blew across the dock....

by: Foong Yu Ming
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11:33 AM

The university of Nottingham Malaysia Campus has matured in many ways now; with the increased number of clubs and students, their activities making the student experienced even more complete.

This journey begin here, and it begins with reflection on the past. Sincerest gratitude to all who have been supportive through out this journey, and may next year hold even more fond memories for each and everyone of you.....
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