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Cleanliness of SA Cafe V2

1:07 AM
by idiassah

Please take a look at the picture below.. Who will take the responsibility?? Please comment it...

Scenario 1

There are dirty container in front of the counter

Scenario 2

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Classified Mail

8:38 PM
Item For Sales
Hi, i'm leaving Malaysia Campus soon, so there's stuff i wanna let go off.

Item 1: Fuji Xerox 203A b/w lazer printer

Condition: Fully working, no dent or scratch wat so ever, but not like anyone would care!
Purchased date: august 07
Usage: less than 10 times usage. printed less than 200 pages. one carton of ink could print
2000 pages (10% used)
Price: Rm 80
Evaluation of value: Rm 0.04 per page printed. Printing service at Tiscra cost Rm 0.07 per page.
You do the math. (basically the printer is free!)

I'm guessing that this printer would sell out really fast, so get in contact with me as soon as you decide.

Item 2: two pairs of 5 kg dumbbells. (2 x ( 2 x 5kg))

Condition: normal wear n tear, nothing important, we just need the weight right? (plastic-coated)
Usage: Less than a year
Price: Rm 30 per pair.
Evaluation of value: instead of grabbing the rusted dumbbells in the sports complex with tonnes of other
sweating, huge sized guys, you could work out in your room, while watching series, why not ?

Item 3: Ikea study lamp
Condition: working perfectly, classy white look, good for students who studies. clearly not me. or maybe
for my reason, to pimp my room!
Usage: Err.. ashamed to say this, but less than 5 times.
Purchased date: cant really remember, around oct 07
Price: Rm 25

Item 4: Apple wireless mighty mouse
Condition: working flawlessly, no scratch watsoever.
Usage: used less than 3 times, bought it cos it looked cool. Really cool.
Price: Rm 180

Item 5: Ikea Lamp
Condition: perfect
Usage: less than 3 times? i bought them for their look, not functionality. i know..
Price: Rm 20
Evaluation of value: Give a nice calming environment to your room, priceless.

Contact method: Sms me at 012 853 1396 or 016 874 3632
email : kedy7yct , or


LAPTOP FOR SALE - Acer Aspire 7720

VDU - 17" bright view screen [Integrated Webcam]
Processor - Intel core 2 duo t7300 2GHz
OS - Windows Vista home premium
VGA - Radeon ATI VGA 512 mb
HDD - 160GB hard disk

*WIFI & Bluetooth

--> Price - RM 1400 [Negotiable]

OWA - keey7drd
Mobile - 0172473442.



Compaq Presario V5332
Intel Core Duo Processor T2050 1.6GHz each
14" Screen
OS- XP service pack2
60GB HardDiskDrive

Bought in 0ct2006. In good working condition.
RM1000 negotiable.
Contact ecy61dej or 017-3573658



We're leaving out home in TTS, so we've got some furniture if anyone's interested.

Single Spring Mattress RM150
Wooden Table 2.5x4.5ft RM100
Rotating Chair RM50
Total RM300 (free canvas cupboard)
Contact Dishan at 017-2473442

Queen Size Mattress RM200
Wooden Table with 6 drawers (3 each side) 150x70cm RM150
Towel rack and laundry basket free!
Contact Krishanth at 013-3186159

Steel bed and mattress RM100
Wooden Study table and rotating chair RM150
Wooden Wardrobe, Dressing Table, and Bedside Table RM250
Contact Akila at 016-2793314

Single Wooden Bed RM200
Single Spring Mattress RM175
Large Wooden Table with 3 drawers RM90
Bedside Table RM10
Bookshelf 5ft tall RM15
Bookshelf 3ft Tall RM12
Contact Damith at 014-2364456

Belkin Wireless Router RM200
Medium size couch RM150
Large carpet with cushions RM100
Negotiable if bulk purchase.
Contact David at 017-3573658

If you can't get through to one of us, call any of the others!



MiniBar for Sale - Rm 200 (Negotiable)

Fujitech MiniBar (Black with a Silver door) for immediate sale.

About 2 years old. Net capacity: 60 litres.

Please Contact: 017-3781395 or

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Classified Mail

7:00 AM
“I lost my Levi’s glasses at the area behind of the cafeteria on this Thursday!” It was around 4 a.m. It is a brown thick frame with yellow stripes in which the words Levi’s are written at the side of it. This spectacle is very important to me, because without them, my vision is poor and I will encounter difficulties during the exam. If there is anyone who saw or found this Levi’s spectacle, please kindly inform and return it to me.

Your cooperation is highly appreciated and a reward of RM50 is rewarded.

Email address:
Contact Number: 012-7736238


i would like to sell my 14' inch tv for RM100. And they can contact me through my
email which is : or
contact me at : 012-3242813
if they are interested.


House for rent:
No.16, TTS 5
-4th house from TTS bridge
-walking distance to Uni
-house partially furnished
-maxis broadband available

Saarvin ( 017-2587800
Dinesh ( 012-9856835


I am selling my car for which the details are as under:

Perodua Kencil (1997)
ONLY - 58,500 KMS done.
Red Colour, Mannual Transmission, 660 cc

I am the second owner, all documents are complete. The car is in complete genuine condition.

For further details call Saad: 019-3715909 or email"

edit : contacted and asking for Rm7000 (negotiable)
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Top Malaysian Film Stars in one of the World's Top Leading University, UNMC

12:56 PM
Written by Wahieda Bahtiar
Pictures by Dini Nur Farhana & Zafirah Zakaria

It has been 5 days since the film crew camping in our campus. I've interviewed some of the actors and actresses whom are Raja Farah, Lisa Surihani and Zoey . According to them, this film was stammed from a famous novel entitled 'Lagenda Budak Setan' by one of the popular Malaysian novelist, Ahadiat Akasyah.

The film was shot in the Nottingham University for about 6 days until this Saturday. I've been informed that after the crew finished their shooting here, the crew will continue their filming at the next location which is the legendary island in northern part of peninsular Malaysia, Langkawi Island for another two weeks.

So guys, lets wait patiently for the movie to be finished filming before it is on the screen of the cinema. And don’t forget to watch it in the nearest cinema early next year.

Additional information about the film

Title : Romance (working title. maybe it will be change after the editing process)
General synopsis : It is a film about naughty boys during their teenage life.
Genre : Romance (I think..)
Director : Sharad Sharan
Starring : Farid Kamil, Nubhan AF, Zoey, Que Haidar, Nabil (new comer), Lisa Surihani, Raja Farah, Rozita Che Wan etc
Important info : 2nd debut (if I’m not mistaken) of UNIM to the entertainment world

The Director

One of the cameraman

Actor : Que Haidar

Actor : Farid Kamil ( the one in braids )

The head cameraman checking the view

Shooting at Tioman's carpark

Actresses;Left : Lisa Surihani, Right : Raja Farah

Actor : Zoey @ Mohd Hairey Azhar

Actor : Nubhan AF(Akademi Fantasia)
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Classified Mail

3:54 PM
Single Rooms For Rent

Address: 8, Jalan Sunway 6/6, Bandar Sunway Semenyih, 43500 Semenyih.

- Ceiling Fan
- Streamyx available at only RM26.75/month
- Monthly rental price = RM 130 (downstairs), RM140 & RM170 (upstairs-shared bathroom)

Price is negotiable

For more information , please contact KK at 012-582 8896 or email ksay7ckk.

Thank you.
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Exam Blues

3:53 AM

Original : firefly
edited by : uncle

its fun when you can hang out like this, but what if your laughter disturbs others?

When you go to the SA to study and you end up listening to the sound of clashing pool balls, laughter, screams and high pitched shrieks, you tend to give up on your studies. By doing so, you decide to go online for just a few minutes when your gut tells you that you need to be more focused on your studies. You stood up, dragged that lousy ass of yours and walk that seriously long pathway to the library.

Upon arrival at the library you are greeted with loud whisperings, those whispers seemed to be as if they were discussing world matters with each other, then you start pondering, why are whispers so loud that it can be categorized as talking out aloud. And the moment you put that heavy ass of yours, you hear another controlled laughter, as if it can’t be heard throughout the whole room. You turned your head and saw no one laughing, maybe it was just you, your mind is playing tricks on you, only now you regretted sleeping late last night just to cover that stupid chapter about noise filtering.

With the perfectly air-conditioned room already starting to make an impact on your body, you start to sneeze and your hands are cold and you are shivering. You start wondering, why the heck is the library this cold, you then look around and everyone seems to be quite warm, maybe it was the skirt that you wore, or maybe that jacket was a bit too thin. You head out to the foyer and looked at your watched and realize that the library’s going to close in 10minits. You quickly pack your bags and went back to SA only to again, receive the same amount of noise you received hours ago.

Knowing all efforts to study in the SA will succumb to a failure, you begin heading to your room thinking about those chapters which might be of importance and of those which you have not covered. And while walking you bumped into a friend who knocks you off you focus (day dream). Started talking and walking and soon enough you arrive in front of your door. All the effort for the day earned you a well deserved nap.

BOOM!!! You could hear some war movie being played and from the sound of it, it’s titanic (2) being sunk. That alone made you wake up, getting cranky upon being forced to get up, you rush to the bathroom for a taste of hot water to freshen up the body and came up squeaky clean and fully refreshed. An after dressing up, you decide to start studying for the paper, two days from now.

Then, BOOM another bomb hits the floor, this time; maybe Kate Hudson was molesting Leonardo De Caprio or something. And you go “SHUT THE F**K UP!!!!!!” and so came a nervous breakdown. The exam stress can do a lot of things to you, especially if you’re a scholarship student, having had to score at least a 60% just to maintain that scholarship, you tend to bury your face in the book whenever there is time (during the exam period).

I wish you all good luck for the exams and I seriously hope you guys will strive to the maximum in the effort to get good grades. Remember to have fun too, but not to the point that it will effect or offend others especially during this exam period.
Final words from me, I’ll soon be leaving this university due to the fact that I’m almost graduating, and to all of you who knows me personally, I would like to say thanks for the good times together and for you support (if you ever gave any) for me in upholding my life in this university. I will greatly miss you guys and hope to always be able to help out in this blog.

~uncle signing off
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A Lil of Everything: Promotion During Mother's Day

12:11 PM
Dear Notts,

Greetings from a Pharmacy year 2 student! As you know, I’m currently sponsoring an advertisement at our uni’s blog. Recently, I’ve started my own business together with my partner, Alice. It’s an online shop selling apparels, fragrance, cosmetics, bikinis, lingerie and even contact lenses. I can assure you that all products are genuine and not fake. Feel free to browse through the e-shop at .

We have
Apparels for work, dresses, tops, etc.
• Branded Cosmetics such as Lancome, Dior, Stila, Shu Uemura, etc.
Fragrances like David Beckham, Ferragamo, Ralph Lauren, Armani, etc.
• European styled lingerie; corsets, bustier, and even comfortable sleepwear.
• Imported bikinies
• Yearly disposable coloured contact lenses (Prices vary from RM 27-RM36 per pair, guaranteed safe to use)
• A facebook account on most of our stocks, so add us!

Postage fee is free all year round, delivered to your personal address. All products are deliverd by a courier service and guaranteed. Any lost shipment will be refundable. So it’s totally safe!! Everyone from Nottingham Msia Campus receives a 10% off on every purchase! (Just state that you’re from Notts in the email =) ) Terms & Conditions applied.

Currently we’re having a promotion prior to Mother’s Day – 20% off on cosmetics and additional 5% off on the 2nd item purchased in the blog at one go. So the more you buy, the more discounts we can give!

So, hop on to and get something nice for your mum and for youself too!

Thanks for reading this through!

Zhi Xuan
or you can mail directly to for our convenience!


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Classified Mail

11:38 AM

Hi guys,

I'm selling my laptop [DELL INSPIRON 6400], the specs

VDU - 15.1"
Processor - Intel Centrino Duo 1.6Ghz
RAM - 512MB [Upgradable]
OS - XP [Original - CD Available]
VGA - ATI Mobility Radeon X1300 256MB [Dedicated] Supps 3D
HDD - 80GB

*THE DELL ADVANTAGE - can purchase on-site warranty if required

Price - 1.2K [Negotiable]

Plz guys, if there is anyone u kno, who wants to buy it, please pursuade; i wanna sell it b4 i leav!

Additional Offer: MAXTOR ORIGINAL 3.5" EXTERNAL HDD [500GB] for less than 200MYR!! [Please contact me if interested]
*HDD holds 32/36 months warranty!

Inquiries; Plz mail me on say61vj or 0132578917. Thnx.

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Swine Flu Information

11:32 AM
From Mr Paul

What is swine flu?
Swine flu is a group of influenza viruses that causes flu in pigs. Usually infections in humans are uncommon.
The current swine flu which is infecting people is a new strain of influenza A/H1N1. It is not certain how it developed. Its genetic makeup shows parts of human flu, avian (bird) flu and swine flu.

What are the symptoms?
Limited information is available at this stage. It appears that the early symptoms are similar to seasonal flu - cough, fever, sore throat, headache, runny nose, general fatigue and muscle pains. Vomiting and diarrhea have also been noted. Severe cases have progressed quickly (within 5 days) to pneumonia-like illness (shortness of breath and difficulty breathing).

Is this swine flu a severe illness?
It appears that the virus is capable of causing severe disease. However it is currently unknown how likely it is that those who get sick will suffer a severe illness.
Most cases in the United States and Canada to date have been mild. There have been no fatalities.
In Mexico there have been fatal cases, apparently in previously healthy young adults. The proportion of severe cases appears to be much higher than with regular seasonal flu.
Why the disease appears to be more severe in Mexico is unknown.

How is this swine flu spreading?
It is most likely spreading from person to person through infectious respiratory droplets (droplets generated when a person coughs, sneezes or talks.)

How can I prevent getting sick?
Observe good hygiene. Avoid people who are obviously sick. Be sure to wash your hands frequently. Avoid touching your face, and if you do, be sure your hands are clean.
What is the infectious period?
The infectious period for this strain is not yet known. According to the US CDC, infected people should be considered potentially contagious:
• one day before their symptoms start
• seven days after their symptoms start OR as long as they are still showing symptoms (whichever is longer)
Children, especially younger children, might potentially be contagious for longer periods.
What is the incubation period?
The incubation period is the time between exposure to the virus and people developing symptoms? The incubation period for this strain is not yet known.
With seasonal flu, people develop symptoms within about 4 days. However for this new strain of flu, the incubation period may be longer.
US CDC is currently advising people to monitor their health for 7 days after possible exposure.

Is there a vaccine?
There is no specific vaccine against this swine flu as yet. Regular seasonal flu vaccine is unlikely to provide protection against this strain. Nevertheless, those who have not had a seasonal flu vaccine should consider doing so.
As a general good health practice, people should make sure all their routine vaccinations are up-to-date. This includes pneumococcal vaccination for certain adults. This vaccine is usually recommended for all people over 65 years old and younger people with serious long-term health problems (heart disease, diabetes, alcoholism, COPD, emphysema, asthma, cancer treatment, HIV/AIDS).

Can swine flu be treated with antiviral medications?
Preliminary information indicates that the virus is sensitive to the newer antiviral medications oseltamivir (Tamiflu) and zanamivir (Relenza). It is resistant to the older medications amantadine and rimantidine.
All travelers (any destination)
People who have not had an annual flu vaccination should consider having one to prevent regular seasonal flu.
As a general good health practice, all travelers should:
• Maintain good personal hygiene. Wash your hands frequently. Avoid touching your face.
• Avoid people who are obviously sick.
• Cover coughs and sneezes with a mask or a tissue.
• Stay at home if you are unwell.
• Contact your health care provider if you or your children develop flu-like symptoms.
• Ensure their routine vaccinations are up-to-date. This includes pneumocococcal vaccination for certain adults: those over 65, people with serious long term health conditions and people whose immune systems are compromised due to transplants, cancer treatments, HIV/AIDS, etc.
If you are in an affected area, or have traveled to an affected area recently:
• Monitor your health
• If you develop symptoms, seek medical attention. Advise the healthcare facility that you have recently been in an area that has reported swine flu.
• Parents should take their young children with fever or influenza-like symptoms for prompt medical attention.

World Health Organization
Centre of Disease Control
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