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Classified Mail

3:06 PM
Room for rent in Bandar Sunway Semenyih, Phase 6

Single room downstairs, private bathroom, unfurnished

Room details:
- monthly rental of RM145 (exclusive of bills)
- if included with electric, water and internet (streamyx) bills, it amounts to
roughly rm200 per month
- the bathroom is equipped with a water heater
- contract period runs for 9 months from September 2009 to May 2010
- monthly security fee of RM50 for the whole house which is divided amongst the

Additional info:
- Fridge, washing machine, cooking stove are all available to be shared amongst the
other housemates
- For the next 2 semesters (starting from September 09), there will be 2 E&E
students, and 1 Civil Eng. student staying in the house, all with their own cars
- 10-15 mins drive to campus
- Would prefer a local student

Feel free to contact: Amir, at or 019-3722876 for more info.


Hi guys,

I have several items to let go as i'm graduate soon.
You can reach me by mobile at 012-5359200 (Shawn)
Kindly refer to attachment for photo of the monitor and air-con.

1. Logitech 2.1 Speaker (RM80)
Model : X-230,en

2. Samsung LCD monitor 22" wide, high gloss frame (RM300)
Model : SyncMaster 226BW
100% no dead pixel, 1 month warranty given
Pls refer to attachment

3. Topaire Air-con complete set together with remote control (RM400)
1HP ,1 month warranty given
100% functionable

4. HP F380 printer (RM80)

5. Study lamp (RM30)

6. Utility boxesss (RM20)
Several types available

7. Large study table (RM50)

8. Coffee table (RM40)

Thank you


Hi All,

I am Jackie, a Year 1 Mechanical Engineering Student. I am currently searching for a house(Preferably 4 rooms) at either [TTS 2 or TTS 5] in the coming semester(September 2009).

I hope those graduating/ moving out students will provide me some informations.

Please do email me at kedy82jth. Hope to hear from you all soon.

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Day Trip at Melaka

3:03 PM
Last Sunday, my uni friends organised a day trip to Melaka. I was more than happy to join because I've just submitted my FYP, the last coursework of the semester. It is a good way to celebrate the temporary independence before having to start studying for exams again.

Pei Yi and Jin Yu drove a total of nine of us to Melaka, setting off from the university compound at 9am sharp. It took about two hours to reach the town of Melaka. The first thing we did was to head straight for brunch. Our first food destination is the famous chicken rice ball.

Chicken rice balls, a.k.a Hainanese Chicken Rice.

The chicken. The presentation isn't exactly its forte.

The meal was good, find it a little overrated but people who visits Melaka will try this at least once. We then headed to Jonker street to walk around and shop for souvenirs.

Stopped by one of the famous cendol shop at Jonker streets. it is called The Musuem Cafe. I ate the Eight Precious Cendol(EPC).

The shop has some nice and classic atmosphere.

A common sight in Melaka and an attraction to the tourist

Even those tricycles have NOS installed in them

The weather was extremely hot that day. We decided to walk to the Dataran Pahlawan Megamall to chill and cool ourselves down. Some funny shit happened to me at the mall. While we were passing by the center court, there was some event going on the stage. They were trying to get some audience to dance at the stage for whatever the reason. So, the emcee came down asking everyone that came into his way. I was standing behind Brian until the emcee went up to him and asked him. Brian moved away to avoid him and all of the sudden he sets his sight on me while I was blurring (I was thinking of photo ideas). He pulled me up the stage by force =.=

He pulled three other dudes onto the stage and made us all dance to some shitty music they played. Till now, I am wondering why I didn't just run off while they were unaware cos I can't friggin dance at all =.= still I went on first, did some stupid moves just to be sporting. The next two dudes who went after me took the stage and stunned everyone with their moves. I feel as if the emcee called me up just to embarrass me or something wtf! But oh well I was in a holiday mood, I didn't let it bother me and was cool about it. No photos because I was too lazy to get them from my friends. it should appear in facebook anyways.

After we walked around the mall, Teck Ming suggested that we try the Thousand Layer Cheesecake at Nadeje Patisserie Cafe located above the Dataran Pahlawan Megamall.

Thousand layer Cheesecake. It's really delicious.

Two Kennys?

Went to walk around at the Kota A' Formosa to have a look at some historical structures. No nice photos there though, couldn't really trigger the creativity out of my brain at that time =(

Group Photo

We left the place after a while and went to the beach to catch the sunset. Just realised that I haven't been to a beach for some time already. It's always nice to walk along a beach with the cool breeze blowing through your face while witnessing the sun setting into the horizon.

The sun setting behind the sea-side mosque. Not sure what's the name of the mosque though.

My first time trying a panoramic shot. Used photomerge in this picture.

After a refreshing walk at the beach, it is time for dinner! Satay celup is not something to be missed when you are visiting Melaka. We went to Restoran Capitol Satay at about 7pm. The shop is so popular that we queued up for more than half an hour just to eat satay celup =.=" It is the most famous satay celup store in Melaka I think.

Satay Celup

The final destination before we went home was the Eye on Malaysia. I didn't have a ride on it because I tried it once while it was still at Titiwangsa. I thought it would be nicer to take a picture of it rather than riding on it. I was right =)

Eye on Malaysia with 30 seconds exposure.

Portrait shot of it.

A group photo before we leave.

It was a really fun trip =) I hope there's more soon...
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Classified Mail

4:05 PM
I lost my bag in female WC in Sport Complex on last Thursday, around 9pm. It is a black “” bag containing some papers and an orange wallet. Importantly, those papers are my assignments and inside wallet has my passport (Vietnamese passport, host: NGUYEN THI NGOC ANH). Anyone who ever saw or found it please kindly inform and return to me.

Email: khfy82nyn
Phone: 017 361 9591
Your cooperation is highly appreciated and a reward is offered.
Many thanks


Camera For Sale

For those who still love taking photos with manual camera (more challenging than lame dslr)
and for those who loves having a collection of antiques stuff

second hand SLR for sale.

Brand = Nikon
Model = FE10

Pros : Great SLR camera with cute overall look :) Simple to use.

Cons : Naaah~ hard to find its advantages.

Its like other manual camera (using 35mm film)

LENS : nikkor 35-70mm(range), 3.5-4.8 (apature) WITH RAYDAWN 52mm UV protector

Package includes: the camera itself. camera strap included. as too batteries

Price: RM 400 (negotiable)

Dealing method: by hand of course (uni student laaahh~)

Location of seller: subang jaya, shah alam, kajang, semenyih

Contact method/details : 017 340 6614


Age of item: 3 years

condition : GREAT !

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Exam Tips from Nottingham University UK

2:59 PM
by Ayub Seedat

I noticed that there are exam tips from the University of Chicago,
I'd like to share some exam tips from NUBS UK where im from.
All the materials are from the Nottingham Business School and so are fully in line with all Nottingham Standards and procedures.
I've attached two seminar slideshows that's given to all NUBS Undergrads when they start, as well as an excerpt of the NUBS Undergraduate handbook with regards to exam preparation.
Hope you find them useful!

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2:51 PM
by Owl Order

Last October, I went to the library and found an unattended cellphone.

It was a Nokia N70, grey in colour. I sat beside it for a good half hour, but nobody came to pick it up.

So I did. By going through the phone's messages, I discovered the guy's name, let's call him Raj, and his call logs indicate that he is not a local student. Then I contacted the last local number he called, hoping that the number brings me to a UNMC student.

And it did. Some time later Raj's friend came over and pick up the phone. And some hours later, I received a message from Raj, thanking me for my honesty.

Sidenote: I do have a lot of messages stored in my phone. This is message 939/1097.

I chatted with my friend over the internet about this event.
Me: I can't believe I returned a phone I found today. After months of wanting a better phone!

KS: How's your phone-shopping coming along?

Me: I nearly bought a Sony Ericsson P1i yesterday. Luckily I didn't! P1i's Wifi may not be compatible with UNMC's.

KS: See? Your honesty has paid off. That's karma!
Well that's not really what I call karma. Instead of two phones, now I get none?

Fast forward half a year. Last week after returning home, I realised that I didn't have my thumbdrive with me. Dang! Must have left it in the computer room.

The thumbdrive itself isn't that valuable. It costed over RM100, but that was more than three years ago. It's 512MB capacity isn't appealing either. What mattered was its contents. In it I had some past year questions, soft copy of notes, lab reports (I left my thumbdrive attached to the computer after printing these), and my programming codes for the electron...

Damn. I spent a whole 10 weeks programming for that electronic project. What's more, it's a group work, and my friends are relying on that piece of code for our entire module!

I immediately rushed to the computer room in the middle of the night, attempting to retrieve it, hoping against hope that it is still there.

But it wasn't. I inquired about it with the security guard, and waited while he contacted the main guardhouse.

And waited.

And waited.

"Long, black, Apacer thumbdrive?"

"Ah yes!"

"Go to guardhouse 1 to claim it."

I thanked the security guard, trying hard to hide my glee while rushing to the said guardhouse. Sure enough, my thumbdrive was waiting for me there. After filling in a report, I gladly went home with it.

That, my friends, is what I call karma.

PS: To whoever helped passing my thumbdrive to the security guards, thanks a million!
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Student Media Crew: Join Us

2:45 PM
by Student Media Crew

The Student Media Crew is an editorially independent student press formed in Sept’08 under the Club and Society which is a multidisciplinary organization that strives to provide the community of students, faculty, administration and staff at the UNMC with responsible, comprehensive, unbiased news and information. Nonetheless, we also aim to be free from external influence of bias and are currently the main collaborator for the production of the official UNMC yearbook together with the SA.

Who can join us?

Anyone, as long as you are a registered student on campus. And we’re in need of your contribution, especially in the area of journalism. Trainings will be provided.

For more information, drop us an email at

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The First SA Presidential Debate : The First UNMC Major Letdown !

12:43 PM
As posted on our OWA1 mails and spammed while eating at the SA cafeteria, the SA held the first ever Presidential Debate, which I myself don't know what is it all about. So I came to the debate/hustings hoping that I'd know what it is.

It was held at F1A15, around 5pm. When I walked into the place, there were quite a number of people. Even the staffs came.

Mr Azlan aka Head of Security came

I think this guy is a staff/lecturer.

Anyway, back to the matter. So everybody arrived in the hall, with excitement and hopes that they will get to know the SA officers better, or simply to enjoy the comfortable air-conditioned room as it was stuffy and hot outside.

So while I was chatting with a friend, specifically a newly appointed SA officer, more and more students and staffs filled the hall.

Several pics depicting the first few minutes of the debate/hustings.

In one of the pic above, there's an explanation about what is HUSTING. Even though they wrote it out quite big, I still don't understand a quarter of the meaning LOL.

Okay, then this is when the first MAJOR LETDOWN in the history of SA began. While waiting for the event to start, a person came up to the front stage and said " Ok listen everyone. May I have your attention please? We are sad to announce that today's debate has been CANCELLED due to some management problems. Please check your emails for futher updates ".

And that was it? No apologies, no next confirmed date of the debate/husting?! YOU GOTTA BE KIDDIN' ME! OMG, the first ever SA Presidential Debate just made the first ever Presidential impression : WHICH WAS NOT GOOD.

Sad, dissapointed, angry and frustrated, the attendees left the hall with groans and complaints.

Cluster of pics showing everybody going out from the hall

On my way to the exit, seriously, lots and lots of unkind things were said. And all of it was to the Presidential Debate. Some even said that the SA does not take this matter seriously.

For the university management that handled this matter, please do not make a mistake like this again as it effects the SA's status and reputation on the students eyes.

I hope that the next debate/husting would not be another letdown.

Thank you for reading and til then, have a nice day.

Yours truly,

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You Have A Chance To Make A Difference : Choose your candidates and vote them!

12:18 PM

SA President Position:


Year 2

SA President Position:


Year 2

SA President Position:


Year 2

SA Secrectary Position:


Year 1

SA Secrectary Position:


Year 2

SA Entertainment Position:


Year 2

SA Entertainment Position:


Year 1

SA Entertainment Position:


Year 2

SA Societies Position:


Year 2

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Formula 1 2009 - Malaysian Grand Prix at Sepang F1 Circuit

3:07 PM
by Cwken

Thanks to iMechE, my fellow Mechanical Engineers and I are able to attend to the race at a heavily discounted price of RM30 for Tower seats. I borrowed Aaron's 18-200mm VR lens the night before since I don't have a zoom lens.

Tower seats at where the hairpin is. The long straights into the final corner is said to be the best place for overtaking manoeuvers.

We arrived late due to some technical problems and the massive jam on the way to the circuit. We only entered the gate only at 4.30pm and barely managed to catch the warm up laps.

View from Tower 1 where drivers go through the long straight before braking hard into the final corner of the track. Notice the cloudy skies in the picture?

The sound of a Formula 1 engine is absolutely monstrous. When one of the drivers left for the warm up lap, it was so loud as if a sports car is revving beside you, and they've yet to rev the car. It is hard to believe that it came from a distance away. The already loud engine of the engine roared into a beautiful rhyme of art as it revs all the way to 18000rpm. The engine note is simply orgasmic. If you think it sounds cool on TV, nothing beats hearing it right in front of you :)

BMW Sauber

This is my first time taking photos of a motorsport event. Was noobing because I couldn't get my framing right and my hands were shaky, resulting in many unsharp photos. Having long zooms is really cool.

Lewis Hamilton in the McLaren Mercedes

Robert Kubica in the BMW Sauber

This is the best photo I had for the day.

Caught Heikki Kovalainen spinning off the track in the first lap at turn 4. His brakes got his rear loose and spun when he tried to countersteer to correct the direction of his car.

Was lucky enough to capture a live blown engine in sequence. Only posting this though. Poor Robert.

My favourite driver, Kimi Raikkonen. Massa can go die. Notice the red hot brake disc in the front wheels?

I am a McLaren fan, Kimi for the Championship, McLaren for constructor. If Kimi's not winning, Lewis and Heikki should.

As the race goes on, the lighting was getting bad due to the deteriorating weather condition. I had to constantly up my ISO by a stop from time to time. I even used ISO 1600 at one time but the pictures came out bad =.= The race was later stopped at lap 33 due to the heavy rain. Many cars aquaplaned into the gravels and I couldn't capture it :( Need at least a 70-200mm f/2.8...

That's all for now. Back to my thesis writing. Wanna re watch the race again but no time :( My first F1 race live = super fun! :D Wanna go again next year :)

Credit to Cwken
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